Protease Specificity Prediction Server
iProt-Sub is an integrated feature-based webserver in silico prediction of protease substrates and their cleavage sites for 38 different protease types, covering four major protease families: Aspartic (A), Cysteine (C), Metallo (M) and Serine (S).
Step1: Please input the protein sequence of substrates (up to 50 sequences can be analyzed) in the FASTA format below (example):


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Important Notice: We rely on good outcomes from the use of the bioinformatics tools that we have developed for funding and other important considerations. To continue this high-quality service and to enable the further development of cutting-edge tools that meet users' needs, we ask you to consider citing the publication on iProt-Sub if you get great outcomes from using our service: Song J, Wang Y, Li F, et al., 2018, iProt-Sub: a comprehensive package for accurately mapping and predicting protease-specific substrates and cleavage sites. Submitted for publication.


Table: The list of the proteases which can be analyzed via iProt-Sub
Proteases name Merops ID Species Family
Cathepsin D A01.009 Homo sapiens Aspartic
Cathepsin D A01.009 Mus Musculus
Cathepsin E A01.010 Mus Musculus
Cathepsin L C01.032 Homo sapiens Cysteine
Calpain-1 C02.001 Homo sapiens
Calpain-2 C02.002 Homo sapiens
Caspase-1 C14.001 Mus Musculus
Caspase-3 C14.003 Homo sapiens
Caspase-7 C14.004 Homo sapiens
Caspase-6 C14.005 Homo sapiens
Caspase-8 C14.009 Homo sapiens
Matrix Metallopeptidase-1 M10.001 Homo sapiens Metallo
Matrix Metallopeptidase-8 M10.002 Homo sapiens
Matrix Metallopeptidase-2 M10.003 Homo sapiens
Matrix Metallopeptidase-9 M10.004 Homo sapiens
Matrix Metallopeptidase-3 M10.005 Homo sapiens
Matrix Metallopeptidase-7 M10.008 Homo sapiens
Matrix Metallopeptidase-12 M10.009 Homo sapiens
Matrix Metallopeptidase-13 M10.013 Homo sapiens
Membrane-type Matrix Metallopeptidase-12 M10.014 Homo sapiens
ADAMTS4 Peptidase M12.221 Homo sapiens
Neprilysin M13.001 Homo sapiens
Insulysin M16.002 Homo sapiens
Granzyme B S01.010 Homo sapiens Serine
Granzyme B S01.010 Mus Musculus
Kallikrein-related Peptidase 5 S01.017 Homo sapiens
Elastase-2 S01.131 Homo sapiens
Granzyme A S01.135 Homo sapiens
Granzyme B S01.136 Homo sapiens
Granzyme B S01.136 Mus Musculus
Granzyme M S01.139 Homo sapiens
Plasmin S01.233 Homo sapiens
Kallikrein-related Peptidase 4 S01.251 Homo sapiens
Furin S08.071 Homo sapiens
PCSK2 Peptidase S08.073 Mus Musculus
KPC2-type Peptidase S08.109 Caenorhabditis Elegans
Signal Peptidase I S26.001 Escherichia Coli
Signal Peptidase I S26.001 Salmonella Typhimurium